Roadmix is a specially prepared CE rated mix in different sizes to suit different jobs, for use in conjunction with Roadmender. Roadmix is supplied in 20kg plastic bags which melt in the Roadmender at 140 degrees centigrade.

The bags of Roadmix are loaded into the Roadmender and mixed and heated to produce a finished product which is no different to premium grade asphalt from a hot-mix plant.

Roadmix provides hot mix asphalt ON-DEMAND which means a long-term, durable fix for superior roadway maintenance. A cost-effective way to conserve resources, improve our roadway infrastructure and your bottom line.

No more re-patching of cold-patched holes. Using the Roadmender, patching and repair work can now be done anywhere, anytime, on your own schedule without reliance on the local asphalt plant and with superior longer-lasting results.